Assign Licenses & Permission Sets

Follow these steps to assign Booker25 licenses and Permission Sets to your users

Assign a Booker25 License

You can skip this step if you're on a sandbox, or if you are using a Trial version of Booker25, or if you have purchased a site-wide license from us.

  1. Go to Setup and search for Installed Packages
  2. In the Installed Packages section, click on Manage Licenses next to Booker25
  3. In the Licensed Users section, click Add Users
  4. Add the users you want

Assign a Booker25 Permission Set

  1. Go to Setup and search for Users
  2. Click on the user you want to assign a Booker25 Permission Set to
  3. Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments section
  4. Click Edit Assignments
  5. Select any of the 3 B25 licenses and click on the Add arrow

The user will now be able to use Booker25.

The above is just one of multiple options for assigning permissions. As a best practice, we recommend using permission set groups. For more info: Assigning Permission Sets

Permissions Overview

The permission sets included in Booker25 are described here: Permission Sets included in Booker25.

Automatically assign licenses

If you want to give your Digital Experience (Community) users the freedom to use Booker25 from your Portal, you may want to automate the license assignment when they register or after a specific action. The following articles give some guidance on how this can be achieved:

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