Calendar Differences

Booker25 offers a number of calendars. This page aims to explains the differences in features and applications.

VisualForce Calendars

Using older Salesforce VisualForce technology, these calendars can have some performance issues for large calendars. But what these calendars lack in performance, they make up for in their feature richness. We are working on getting most (if not all) of these features ported to the new Lightning calendars.

About VisualForce calendars

Where can I use VisualForce Calendars?

VisualForce calendars can be embedded on VisualForce pages, which can then be added to either:

  1. Classic or Lightning record pages
    For more information:

  2. VisualForce pages (possibly with your own filtering controls on the same page)
    For more information:

VisualForce calendars can be displayed in Lightning experience without problem.

When should I use VisualForce Calendars?

Generally, our advice is to only use VisualForce calendars for small to medium sized calendars, and when you can’t use Lightning calendars because you require certain features not implemented yet in Lightning calendars.

VisualForce Calendars pros & cons

Many configurable features out of the box
Good performance for small to medium sized calendars
Possible performance issues for large calendars
Some, but limited options for custom business logic
Limited applications, sometimes with an implementation cost

Lightning Calendars

Lightning calendars are the newest calendars in Booker25. They are also the most performant, even for large calendars. As they are Lightning components, they can be easily included almost anywhere in any Lightning experience context. Furthermore, these calendars contain extensive hooks on the reservation form that you can leverage to execute your own business logic.

About Lightning calendars

Where can I use Lightning Calendars?

Lightning calendars can be included on Lightning record pages or Lightning App pages that you create. We are working on exposing more ways to include Lightning calendars, such as on home pages. For more information:

Lightning calendars can be made available in Classic through Lightning Out, but we do not officially support this yet. Some features might not work properly.

When should I use Lightning Calendars?

We recommend using Lightning calendars wherever you can. They are under active development so we are constantly adding new features. If your business case requires certain features, feel free to reach out to us and we will attempt to prioritize those features.

Lightning Calendars pros & cons

Still lacking some features compared to VisualForce calendars
Great performance for small to medium sized calendars
Good performance for large calendars
Powerful extension options for custom business logic
Many applications with low to no implementation costs

Feature Comparison

This table shows which features are supported on which calendars. Green means fully supported, red means not supported, and yellow means partially supported.

As we are actively developing Lightning calendars, check back regularly for the latest features.









Multi Calendar




Single Calendar




Available in Classic



Lightning calendars in Classic are not officially supported at the moment

Available in Lightning Experience




Custom Dimensions




Dimension Junctions




Custom Views




Intelligent Lookups



VF supports a more limited feature:

Reservation Types




Reservation Hover Info




Reservation Titles




Reservation Colors




Custom Dimension Context Menus




(Dynamic) Dimension Titles




Resize, Drag & Drop Reservations




(Subcell) Availability Rendering




Availability Aware Selection




Conditional Column Hiding




Grouping of Overlapping Reservations




Weekend Highlighting




(Hierarchical) Dimension Grouping




Live Updates via PushTopics




Dimension Filters



Dimension filters are implemented differently in both calendar versions

Reservation Filters



Reservation filters are implemented differently in both calendar versions

Predefined Filters



The VF calendar lets you predefine Dimension filters only

Show Unshared Reservations



Due to technical differences in fetching data, showing unshared reservations is currently not supported on the Lightning calendar.

Recurring Reservation Section on Form




Service Section on Form




Custom Buttons



Lightning calendars have a lot more options

Controlling and Dependent Picklists




Predefined Timeframes




Remember Last View




Hide Availabilities



This is an optional performance boost, which so far has been unnecessary on the Lightning calendar due to its great performance

View and Edit Modes on Reservation Form




Prevent Vertical/Horizontal Dragging




Display in User Timezone



This is a rarely used feature, which so far has not been requested for the Lightning calendar

Buffer Time

Run a Flow before form opens

Related Lists on Reservation Form

Multiple Sections on Reservation Form




Search in calendar



This feature allows the user to search for a reservation in the calendar and open the reservation form. Currently there are no plans on bringing this to the Lightning Calendar.