Is Booker25 SOC 2 compliant?

Booker25 is a native Salesforce Solution. That means that there is no data stored outside of the Salesforce environment. As Salesforce is SOC 2 compliant, so is Booker25.

Does the product meet compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility standards?

Booker25 follows the Salesforce Lightning Design System, which allows us to align with ARIA markup so our components can be identified correctly to users of assistive technologies.

Is there a published schedule for release of major and minor features towards the product?

Yes, the roadmap is available upon request. We differentiate between public and private roadmap. Features that are put on the roadmap after popular customer requests are provided with an expected release periode (e.g. Q4 this year).

Is there active product support for critical bugs / security patches?

Yes, bug fixes and security patches are part of the product's bi-weekly release cycle.

What would it take for Booker25 to incorporate desirable features as required by business?

Features can be put onto our roadmap following a number of conditions;

  1. They add value to other customers of Booker25

  2. They are not already planned as part of a future release

  3. The required functionality is fully scoped and can be estimated

Custom work is always possible if any of the previous condition do not apply. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions.

Does the product have the ability for us to customise the user interface?

Following the Salesforce methodology, all fields and layouts can be customised through point-and-click functionality, with the help of field-sets and page layouts. Overall, the Salesforce suite of tools can be used to customise the application to your needs.

Is there a published SLA for planned and unplanned downtime for the product?

Booker25 is built on the Salesforce platform, therefore planned and unplanned downtime are related to the Salesforce platform capabilities. More information can be found on trust.salesforce.com.

Yes, this is dealt with through Salesforce.

Does the product be able to support country specific requirements as needed?

Yes, Booker25 has multi-lingual support, as well as support for multi-currency and localisation.

Can the product scale based on demand both regionally and globally?

Yes, the Salesforce platform is fully scalable. You can easily upscale your licenses, to roll out the application to more users.

Does the product support Unicode Characters?

Yes, Booker25 support most unicode characters through modern day standards in browsers.

What are the languages that the product is currently available in?

English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portugese and German are currently built-in to Booker25. Languages currently available in Salesforce can be found here. Using Salesforce Labels, the Booker25 interface can easily be translated into your language.

Does Booker25 have Out of the box Dashboards and Reports? / Does the product provide out of the box dashboards to view various events across time/locations/types?

We do package a number of reports. Reports and Dashboards that fit your exact business needs are easily created using Salesforce Reports & Dashboards.

Does Booker25 have a native application for IOS or Android?

Salesforce has a mobile app which can be installed and can surface Booker25 objects and data.

Can the product operate in an Offline mode?

Salesforce provides some offline functionality. As this is a SAAS platform Booker25 benefits from this as well. The Salesforce mobile app also provides some offline functionality.

Can events be setup as One Time or Recurring occurrence?

Yes, this is supported.

Can business rules be defined for different event types that can drive various event needs?

Yes, with the help of Reservation Types (which can be linked to Salesforce Record Types) you can provide all kinds of workflows to your users.

Does the product have capabilities to schedule locations, resources and equipment needed for events?

YES!  This is the main functionality of Booker25.

Does the product support custom workflow/project plan?

Yes, Salesforce can be extended to facilitate any workflow your business may require

Can Booker25 be integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar?

Yes, Booker25 has native integrations with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Does the product support ability to add a participant guests to registration?

Yes, any object can be related to a reservation. This includes Contacts.

For an event that has multiple sessions, does the product support sign up for multiple sessions?

Yes, you can either sign up attendees for one sessions, or for all future sessions from the point of edit.

Can the product identify participant scheduling conflicts?

Yes, the Booker25 conflict detection engine supports both soft conflicts (warning and log conflict, but allow) and hard conflicts (don’t allow) for any dimension.

Does the product have capabilities to charge fees during participant registration for events?

Booker25 contains basic pricing calculation. Custom pricing calculations can be implemented through an Apex interface. For actual payments, and integration with a Payment Service Provider will be required. Our widget will support payments in the near future.

Can limits be setup for maximum no. of participants?

Yes, this can be configured in Booker25

Do you support wait lists?

Yes, this can be done by extending the default Salesforce workflows

Can the product allow manual authorization of participants for an event/s?

Yes, this can be done through a Salesforce Approval Process

Does the product support push communications (Mobile, Email, Social Media) for targeted consumers for an event?

Chatter can trigger push notifications on the Salesforce iOS / Android app. Using Salesforce workflows, email notifications can be triggered. Using an app like Social25, social media notifications can be triggered. Both social media and email notifications can be extended using Marketing Cloud

Can promotional content be customised/personalised across various channels (Emails, Social Media and other channels supported by product) for specific participants for an event?

See answer to previous question. This will require some customisation through Salesforce workflows and possibly branded HTML templates.

Does the product have ability to support Single Sign On?

Yes, this is Salesforce functionality.

Can users be provided different profiles (Internal users/ External Users/Vendors)?

Yes, this is possible through a Salesforce Experience Cloud

Does the product expose capabilities via APIs (REST/JSON, SOAP/XML)?

Yes, both Salesforce and Booker25 support REST and SOAP APIs. We also developed our own Booker25 API to expose specific Booker25 logic.

Does the product have pre-built adapters available for integrating with Salesforce?

Booker25 is a native Salesforce application, meaning it is installed directly into a Salesforce org.

Can the product schema be customised for specific needs in order to meet specific business needs?

Yes additional fields and/or tables (objects) can be added to the data model to support functionality.

Can transactional data be exported/extracted from the product to an in-house database?

Yes, this is possible through exports or APIs.

Does the product support data encryption?

Yes, some fields can be encrypted using Salesforce Shield.

Can PII Data be tagged / identified?

Yes, this is Salesforce functionality.

Does the product support ability to specify and monitor key data elements for changes? (e.g. Address History)

Yes, this is Salesforce functionality.