Configure Subscription25

We assume that you have completed the steps. If not, please complete those first.

1. Create Administrations

  1. Navigate to the Subscription25 app, either in Salesforce Classic or in Salesforce Lightning

  2. Click on the Administrations tab

  3. Create a new record to reflect your Company/administration

    1. Billing details are needed, which include bank, address and contact details which will be used on the invoice template.

    2. (optional) If you sync Subscription25 with any of the default financial systems included in the package (at the moment Exact Online and Twinfield are supported), you need to fill in the Synchronisation details.

    3. (optional) If you are using the default Invoice template that Subscription25 provides you, you can overwrite the logo and footer using the designated fields.

    4. (optional) For e-billing, you need to set up the Email billing fields

  4. Don’t forget to mark your administration as Active by using the checkbox

2. Create VAT Rates + VAT Codes

VAT Rates are percentages indicating the VAT that should be calculated on top of the products price. In Subscription25, a VAT code is a relation between a VAT Rate and the Administration to make sure that you are allowed to use a certain percentage within an administration.

For example; VAT high in the Netherlands is 21%. In this case, there would be a VAT Rate called VAT 21%, and a VAT code called VH, related to the Dutch administration specifying we can use this rate in this administration.

  1. From the Administration that you create in the previous section, go to the Related tab

  2. Click New next to VAT Codes

  3. In the VAT Rate lookup, either select an existing VAT Rate or create a new one

    1. If you don’t have any VAT Rates yet, you may create records for every VAT Rate that you need to use. You can specify if this is the Default VAT Rate to use and if it should be shown on the invoice.

  4. Click Save

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