Create your Twitter Account and App

This is only necessary if you want to use your own Twitter App (fees apply: You can also use the Social25 App, where the first connected Twitter account is included in your subscription: Link Twitter account

Step-by-step guide:

(0. Register a Twitter account)

1. Create an approved developer account

2. Create a Twitter app

  1. Create a Twitter app with an approved developer account from the developer portal.
  2. Enable 'Read, Write and Access direct messages' on the permissions tab of your app page.
  3. On the same tab, generate your app's Access Token and Access Token Secret. You will need these Access Tokens to register your webhook URL, which is where Twitter will send account events.
  4. Take note of your app's numeric ID, as seen in the "Apps" page of the developer portal. When you apply for Account Activity API access, you'll need this app ID

3. Apply for Account Activity API Access

  1. Login to dev account @
  2. Click 'Set up dev environment,' name your environment, and specify a Twitter app ID for the environment. (The environment name you chose will replace the :env_name token in our example premium endpoint URLs. 

For example, if you use the 'prod' environment name, your URL pattern would be

4. Give us the information

Once this is done please send the following information to, with subject 'Social25 / Twitter subscription request' with the following information.
The information can be found at<app_id>
  • app_id
  • consumer_key
  • consumer_secret
  • access_token
  • access_roken_secret

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