Configure the Social25 Multi Chat

Before proceeding, we assume you have enabled the Social25 Multi-Chat Architecture. If this is not the case, please do this first.

Social25 Config

Link Option

  1. This is the primary object, the process will search for an active record in this object related to the socialpersona. The messages will be related to this record.
  2. When the primary record is not found, this option decides which object the process should create.
  3. When selected the process will always create the secondary record no matter if the primary record is found.
  4. When a person is not yet known in salesforce, you can select here which object should be created.
  5. When a phone number is available on the synced messages, the process will try to find a person record(Personaccount/Contact) based on the selected phone fields.
  6. When enabled and phone number is available on the synced messages, the process will try to find a lead.
  7. The leads search will look in the specified fields

Important: At this moment we only support E.164 without the + phone number formats to search personaccount/contact/lead. You need to make sure that the selected phone number fields contains this format.

Case Linking

  1. When enabled the process can reopen an existing closed case.
  2. Specify within how many days a closed case can reopen before it creates a new case.
  3. Select the status which should be used to reopen a closed case.
  4. When enabled the active assignment rules will be used when creating new cases.
  5. When enabled the process will copy the messages to the socialpost object.

Opportunity Linking

  1. Define how many days should be added to set the Closed Date of a new opportunity record.
  2. When you have a different way of marking an opportunity as active, you can select the checkbox field here.

Account Settings

  1. This field is only is only visible when the type for new persons is set to Contacts. A new contact should be related to an account record. Here you can define the name of the account.
  2. When enabled the new contact will be related to only one account with the name defined above. When disabled for every contact a new account will be created.
  3. Select the recordtype of the account which should be used for new accounts.

Migrate/Enable the new trigger with multi-channel capabilities

  • The trigger needs a few fields which we cannot deliver via the package. A button is created which will run a script that create the fields which are necessary.

  • When the fields are created two new buttons will appear. When you did a fresh installation and the did the settings above, you can click 'Enable Multi Channel' and you are done. Else you first need to click on 'Start Data Migration'. This button will start a batch job which will create a conversation record for every existing socialpersona record. When this job is done, you can also click 'Enable Multi Channel'.

Important: As long as you did not click on 'Enable Multi Channel' everything will still run via the old situation.

Process Flow of the trigger

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