Social25 Salesforce Sync


Since the Social25 application is hosted on the Heroku platform Social25 will make sure that all messages aggregated on the Heroku platform are sent in batches of 200 to your Salesforce instance every 30 seconds. This will be done using the Salesforce Bulk API. After installing the Social25 Salesforce package the following objects will be installed into the Salesforce instance. 


Heroku Message contents

This is the complete datamodel of all objects contained in the Social25 package. Using the Salesforce Bulk API records will get created in the Salesforce instance in the Social25__Heroku_Message__c object. Records that get inserted look something like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 { "Identifier__c": "9334b87c00444f94b28ba4adb27f0b65", "Text__c": "This is the information that will be provided if a customer uses Line", "Outbound__c": 1, "Media_Title__c": "#N/A", "File_Type__c": "#N/A", "Mime_Type__c": "#N/A", "Content_Url__c": "#N/A", "Auxiliary_Data__c": "#N/A", "Agent_Identifier__c": "#N/A", "Chat_Identifier__c": "31c87152ff1056bd9780e710519bc7cd", "Custom_Identifer__c": "#N/A", "Conversation_Medium__c": "Line", "Conversation_State__c": "OPEN", "User_Full_Name__c": "#N/A", "User_Gender__c": "#N/A", "User_Active__c": 1, "User_Locale_GMT_Offset__c": "#N/A", "User_Profile_Image_URL__c": "#N/A", "User_Phone_Number__c": "#N/A", "User_First_Name__c": "Mike Hanssen", "User_Last_Name__c": "#N/A", "User_Identifier__c": "8a7fca2bb42b530f9464d81616d37ea0" }

The information provided in this object is depended on the platform that is connected. The details shown in the preview above is the information provided by Line. 

More information about the configuration of the Social25 Package can be found on Configuring the Social25 Package page.