Connect your Line Account

Follow these steps to subscribe a page to our messenger system, using the Line API

Make sure the person that is going to add the page to our system is the owner of the account that is going to be added. Only administrators are able to complete these instructions. 

The tokens generated by this set of instructions should be treated as highly confidential!

Step-by-step guide

1. First create a normal Line account

  • Download app
  • Register app to phone number
  • Add an email address and password to the account

2. Creating a LINE@ account

  • Navigate to
  • Press the create LINE@ Account button and login using the credentials created in step 1.
  • Pick an account type and fill in the form to create your LINE@ account.
  • (You can change the account settings on the LINE@ Manager page at

3. Setting up the developer account

  • Go to the console (
  • Login using the credentials made in step 1.
  • Confirm the developer account by accepting the terms.
  • Create a provider for the app (for instance 'Gen25').

4. Create a LINE Messeging API Channel.

  • In the console ( click the Messaging API button to begin the channel setup.
  • Now that the channel is created go to the channel settings page ({channel_id}/basic/) and do the following:
    • Issue a Channel Access Token (long-lived) by pressing the 'Issue' button next to the field.
    • Enable the use of webhooks
    • (Optional: Disable the LINE@ features auto-reply messages and greeting messages)
  • Now you will need to copy the following data:
    • Channel ID
    • Channel Secret
    • Channel Access Token (long-lived)
  • Enter the webhook url provided by the Social25 team, this has to be entered into the Webhook URL view.
  • Once the URL is verified your channel is registered with our system and ready for use.

Once all steps are completed please send us the information shown below. 

Channel InfoChannel ID: copied in step 4

Channel Secret: copied in step 4

Channel Access Token: copied in step 4

Channel / Account Name: Entered in step 1 & 4

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