Defining Reservation Titles

When viewing the calendar, your users will want to see information on each Reservation on the calendar. To show fields from the Reservation on the Reservation Block, you need to define Reservation Titles.

Find the Reservation Title Group to edit

A Reservation Title Group groups together Reservation Titles.

  1. Go to the Reservation Display Contexts tab
  2. Go to the'All' listview, and find the row that you want to edit the hover for.

    By default there is only one row in the Reservation Display Context list. If there are multiple and you're not sure which one to edit, check out this article for an explanation of how contexts are applied to reservations. 

  3. On the desired row, click on the record name in the Reservation Title Group column as pictured below:

When creating a new Reservation Title Group yourself, in the required field 'SObject Type' make sure to fill in 'B25__Reservation__c'. The only exception is when creating title groups for the Schedule calendars, in which case the value should be 'B25__Reservation_Template__c'.

Creating Reservation Titles

A Reservation Title is basically a field to be displayed, with some extra information about how to display it. By default, Booker25 comes with a number of titles preconfigured on the fallback title group. Feel free to remove or edit these to suit your needs. Follow the steps below to create a new title.

  1. Navigate to the Reservation Title Group record that you want to modify.
  2. Go to the Related subtab and find the Reservation Titles related list.
  3. Click New and make sure to select the Reservation Title record type.
  4. In the Name field, enter the API name of the field you want to display. This can be a field on a related object, such as 'B25__Account__r.Name'.
  5. Optionally, fill in a Label to put in front of the field value. This label will be displayed directly before the value, so if you want to separate them make sure to put a space at the end.
  6. You can change the appearance of the title using the Font Size field and the Bold checkbox
  7. You can control in what order the fields appear using the Order field (lower numbers appear higher on the reservation)
  8. The Hide When Empty checkbox will hide this Reservation Title (and also the Label) if the reservation does not have a value in the specified field.

Showing the titles on the calendar

For more information on how to show title groups on calendars see Customise the Reservation fields shown on the calendar and hovers

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