Google Sync Object Reference

Sync Connection

This object represents a link between an Google user/resource and a Booker25 dimension record. A Sync Connection record is required for each Booker25 dimension record you want to sync to Google.

User Fields

Fields on the Sync connection object that the user should either edit or read for useful information.

Field NamerequiredDescription
B25__User_Id__cYesThe id of the Google user that this sync connection connects to. This is almost always the email address of this user for example:
B25__User_Type__cYesThe type of user. Google has support for resource users if the user id specified is of a resource user set this to resource. This ensures attendees are marked as the correct type.
B25__Calendar_Name__cNoThe name of the calendar Booker25 should sync to. 
B25__Activate_After_Validation__cNoWhen checked the connection will be activated automatically when Booker25 has validated the connection details.
B25__Active__cNoIf the connection is active or not. You can only mark valid connections as active and inactive connections will not sync.
B25__Resource__cYes*Lookup to a resource dimension object.
B25__Staff__cYes*Lookup to a staff dimension object.
B25__Valid__cNoIf the connection is valid or not. This field will be updated by Booker25 and in most cases shouldn't/can't be edited manually.

*one and only one of the dimension lookups has to be specified

System Fields

These fields are set by the application and should not be edited by users directly.

Field NameDescription
B25__Calendar_Id__cThe Id of the calendar that was specified in the B25__Calendar_Name__c field. This field is filled by Booker25 after validation.
B25__Delta_Token__cToken received from Google in order to keep the Booker25 calendar and Google calendar in sync.
B25__Secondary_Delta_Token__cToken received from Google in order to keep the Booker25 calendar and Google calendar in sync.

Sync Error

This object holds any errors encountered during the sync process.

Field NameDescription
B25__Sync_Connection__cThe connection this error occurred for. This field can be empty if the correct connection could not be determined.

The operation that was being processed when this error occurred.

  • Connection Setup: Error occurred during connection setup
  • Subscription Refresh: Error occurred while refreshing the live subscription.
  • Create: Error occurred when syncing a newly created reservation to Outlook
  • Update: Error occurred when syncing an already synced reservation to Outlook
  • Delete: Error occurred when deleting a reservation from Outlook.
  • Sync Down: Error occurred when attempting to sync reservations from Outlook into Booker25
B25__Stage__cThe stage of the operation the error occurred in. Many operations required multiple requests to the Google API the stage indicates the request that failed.
B25__Status_Code__cThe status code of the failed request if relevant
B25__Error_Message__cMore detail of what caused the error.
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