Booker25 Community Sharing Settings

This article describes the most relaxed Sharing Settings required for Booker25 to function correctly in an Employee, Customer or Partner Community. Depending on your exact use case and requirements, more or less restrictive settings may apply.

Booker25 uses the Salesforce Sharing Model to decide which kind of access a user has to objects. This means that anything defined below as 'Public Read Only' will be the most relaxed setting for this object. You may also define Sharing Rules for this object, in order to share it with (groups of) users, based on ownership or criteria.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Go to Sharing Settings
  3. Define the Default External Access as follows
AvailabilityPublic Read Only
CalendarPublic Read Only
Calendar Reservation TypeControlled by Parent
Calendar ViewControlled by Parent
ConflictControlled by Parent
DimensionPublic Read Only
Dimension FieldControlled by Parent
Dimension JunctionControlled by Parent
Dimension Junction Display SettingControlled by Parent
Display ContextPublic Read Only
Dynamic Grouping FieldControlled by Parent
Filterable FieldPublic Read Only
Hover DefinitionPublic Read Only
Hover FieldPublic Read Only
Predefined TimeframePublic Read Only
Recurring ReservationPublic Read Only
Related List (Installed Package: Booker25)Public Read Only
Related List (Installed Package: Booker25)Public Read Only
Related List FieldPublic Read Only
ReservationPublic Read Only
Reservation ColorPublic Read Only
Reservation ContactControlled by Parent
Reservation StatusPublic Read Only
Reservation TemplatePublic Read Only
Reservation TitlePublic Read Only
Reservation Title GroupPublic Read Only
Reservation TypePublic Read Only
Reservation Type StatusControlled by Parent
ResourcePublic Read Only
Resource GroupingPublic Read Only
Resource LayoutControlled by Parent
Resource TypePublic Read Only
SchedulePublic Read Only
ServiceControlled by Parent
Service AvailabilityControlled by Parent
Service ReservationControlled by Parent
Service TypePublic Read Only
StaffPublic Read Only
Stored Filter SetPublic Read Only
Stored Filter Set ValuesControlled by Parent
Sync ConnectionPrivate
Sync ErrorPrivate
User SettingPublic Read Only
ViewPublic Read Only

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