The Scheduling feature was introduced in Booker25 v4.16 and is disabled by default. Follow the steps described on the following page to enable Scheduler for your org: Enabling Scheduling

Scheduler Overview 

When enabled, the Scheduling feature gives you access to two new objects; Schedule and Reservation Template, and a new Lightning App; Scheduler. You can selectively give users access to these by assigning them the B25_Scheduler Permission Set included in the package.

  • A Reservation Template is an abstract time slot that will eventually generate a series of Reservation. Reservation Templates occur at a regular interval (like weekly or bi-weekly). 

  • A Schedule is a collection of Reservation Templates.

  • The Scheduler Lightning App allows you to create new Schedules of Reservation Templates and publish those.

Create a new Schedule

  1. Go to the Scheduler Lightning App

  2. In the menu bar, go to the Schedules tab

  3. Click New

  4. Fill in a descriptive name for your Schedule, for example English 101 - Q3 2020

  5. Select a start date for your schedule. This should always be a Monday

  6. Define a repeating period

  7. Select an existing View, or create a new one. Schedule Views should have a Schedule record type

  8. Click Save

  9. You are now taken to a Schedule record page, which should look something like this

The Schedule record page contains a calendar component, on which you can create and edit multiple Reservation Templates.

Once you are satisfied with the Schedule, you can publish it to generate the actual reservations based on the templates.


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