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Booker25 introduces a new ID on the Resource object after the v4.3.2 upgrade to improve performance. This means that a batch job is run on all the Resources of an org when upgrading to v4.3.2. This job can fail due to various reasons, for example older Resources having a required field that is empty. This needs to be fixed in order to upgrade to a newer version.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Developer Console

  2. Open an Execute Anonymous window

  3. Run the following script:

    Code Block
    // Reset all ids and paths
    List<B25__Resource__c> allResources = [SELECT Id, B25__Materialized_Path__c, B25__Booker25_Id__c FROM B25__Resource__c WHERE B25__Booker25_Id__c != null];
    for (B25__Resource__c resource : allResources) {
    	resource.B25__Booker25_Id__c = null;
    	resource.B25__Materialized_Path__c = null;
    B25.Trigger_Resource_c.blockExecution = true;
    B25.Trigger_Resource_c.blockExecution = false;

  4. After successfully running the first script, run the following script. If any errors occur, such as validation errors, fix these first. You need to fix all the errors in order to successfully run the script. Although errors should most likely relate to custom work in your org, such as validation errors, you can always reach out to if you need help.

    Code Block
    public static String incrementBase64Local(String base64Number) {
    	String encodeTable = '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-_';
    	Integer indexOfLastChar = base64Number.length() - 1;
    	Integer lastCharOfBase64Number = base64Number.charAt(indexOfLastChar);
    	Integer index = encodeTable.indexOfChar(lastCharOfBase64Number);
    	if (index == 63) {
    		if (base64Number.length() == 1) {
    			return '10';
    		String firstCharacters = incrementBase64Local(base64Number.left(indexOfLastChar));
    		return firstCharacters + '0';
    	base64Number = base64Number.left(indexOfLastChar) + encodeTable.substring(index + 1, index + 2);
    	return  base64Number;
    // Reset the resource numbering.
    B25__System_Setting__c resourceIdSetting = [SELECT B25__String_Value__c FROM B25__System_Setting__c WHERE Name = 'ResourceIdNumber' FOR UPDATE];
    resourceIdSetting.B25__String_Value__c = '00000';
    Set<Id> parentIds = new Set<Id>{null}; // first layer
    while (!parentIds.isEmpty()) {
    	List<B25__Resource__c> resources = [SELECT B25__Materialized_Path__c, B25__Booker25_Id__c, B25__Parent__r.B25__Materialized_Path__c, B25__Parent__r.B25__Booker25_Id__c FROM B25__Resource__c WHERE B25__Parent__c IN:parentIds AND B25__IsVirtual__c = false];
    	// Update resource ids
    	String currentResourceId = resourceIdSetting.B25__String_Value__c;
    	for (B25__Resource__c resource : resources) {
    		resource.B25__Booker25_Id__c = currentResourceId;
    		currentResourceId = incrementBase64Local(currentResourceId);
    		if (currentResourceId.length() > 5) {
    			System.assert(false, 'Too many resources');
    	resourceIdSetting.B25__String_Value__c = currentResourceId;
    	for (B25__Resource__c resource : resources) {
    		if (resource.B25__Parent__c == null) {
    			resource.B25__Materialized_Path__c = '';
    		resource.B25__Materialized_Path__c = resource.B25__Parent__r.B25__Materialized_Path__c != null
    			? resource.B25__Parent__r.B25__Materialized_Path__c + resource.B25__Parent__r.B25__Booker25_Id__c
    			: resource.B25__Parent__r.B25__Booker25_Id__c;
    	B25.Trigger_Resource_c.blockExecution = true;
    	B25.Trigger_Resource_c.blockExecution = false;
    	parentIds = new Set<Id>(new Map<Id, B25__Resource__c>(resources).keySet());

  5. After having successfully run the last script, Grant login access to Gen25 and reach out to

    1. State that you have fixed your Materialized Paths and want to upgrade

    2. Provide your Org ID

  6. The team will do a final check and needs to approve the fix in your settings to allow you to proceed with a next upgrade.

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