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In order keep configuration simple, please perform the following steps in Salesforce Classic (Booker25 is Lightning-Ready, you may afterwards use the app in Salesforce Lightning as you please)

For some Views, simple time headers of one header per column are not enough. For these cases, Booker25 supports defining more complex time headers for a View.

InfoAlways make sure the mentioned fields and related list are added to the object's page layout before you continue


Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the View to  record for which you want to add more complex time headers.
  2. Go to the Time Headers related list.
  3. Click New.
  4. Fill out the details for the Time Header. For more detailed information on each field, see the Time Header field information table at the bottom of this article.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The time header should now appear for this View.


The Slot Label Format field on view is overwritten by time headers. If you want to add a time header that uses the Slot Label Format, pick 'Cell' for the Grouping.

Time Header field information

Field nameDescription
Time Header NameThe name of the Time Header. This field is not used by Booker25, use it to name Time Headers to Descriptive names make it easier to identify them.

The amount of time that one Header will span on the calendar. Available options are:

Cell: The the same size as one cell on the calendar.

Hour: one hour.

Day: one day.

Week: one week, leave the Header Label Format empty for week numbers.

Month: one month.

Quarter: one quarter, leave the Header Label Format empty for Q1, Q2 enzetc.

Header Label FormatThe text that is displayed in the label of each time column. Use moment.js date formats and escape strings by wrapping them in [square brackets]. Display AM/PM using 'tt' notation.
ViewThe View this time header is displayed on.
OrderThe order that the time headers are displayed in with the lowest number at the top.

Content by Label
cqllabel = "calendar" and type = "page" and space = "BPD"

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